The Bathroom

So yeah, it’s summer here in the PNW. And it’s a strange summer at that, temps shifting from high to low day by day. Today is mildly hot, not so bad.

How does this tie into a post titled “The Bathroom”? I suppose loosely the through the weather, and weather temp contrasts.

We had our bathroom tile work done in the dead of winter here, and the temps easily fell to the 10 degree range. We had scheduled the tile guys to come out in mid-Feb, not expecting a beast of a snow storm – a once (maybe twice) in a lifetime sort of snow (keep in mind this is Oregon/Washington, where it just doesn’t snow). Believe it or not, he came out. Knee deep snow and everything. We had to rig a heating system halfway through the process so his mud/grout wouldn’t freeze.

The guys did a great job, considering the obstacles he had to face (electrical still not fully on, freezing temps, wonky walls and floors).

But here it is, our beauty of a bathroom, all 60 sq. feet of it. I figure if you have something so small, go big.