Tearin’ it down, buildin’ it up


Lots happening on the house front. Lots inside, lots outside, magic all around.

I had a ton of roses pulled out of the front so I could plant a better privacy screen and potted those so that we can replant them when we are ready to landscape the front.

Dean hacked away at our giant mature grape and brought it down off of the overhead service wires, but sadly, many of the birds lost a source of housing. I tried to salvage that by taking the cut parts and assembling a pile for them, but I need to look into what it takes to establish habitats for the myriad amount of birds we have around the house. The grape will grow back for sure and house them again in a year or two, but in the mean-time I worry for their little happy faces!

I can’t say thanks enough to our friends who have helped us so far on our project – having people around to support our vision of this house makes all the difference.

Dean has made awesome strides inside the house – we pulled down an interior wall upstairs right above the stair landing, and with the help of a few friends, opened up a wonderful, well lit space (future dance space, here we come).

We ended up having to replace a beam in the roof off of one of the front rooms because of the hack job someone did in the re-roofing. Again, thanks to a great friend, Dean is able to move forward on a lot of these projects with much needed assistance.

Next up – opening the main room up into the kitchen, electrical, floors, walls and painting.