On the fun to be had as an artist in the alley


For many many moons I have attended conventions as a viewer only. I had always felt something was missing – some form of deeper interaction. So I started to submit my work to convention art shows. Then graduated to artist tables, gradually increasing my confidence to have vendor tables at a few events. I wanted to just jumpstart my own participation at conventions, to become less of a viewer and more of a do-er.

In steps my first convention as an artist with an actual table – Yaoi con 2004 (I think?). I attended with a good friend of mine, splitting the table fees to promote our Weiss Kruetz dojinshi we had come up with. I look back on that time now with a fondness, and have tackled many other cons since.

Today I am at Kumoricon – It has been over a year since I have setup a table,  dialing back the artists events quite a bit in the past 4 years, focusing on my design business over my free-time love of drawing beautiful men in ridiculous poses. As I sit here and write this, Saturday night while everyone sleeps, I think on how much fun it is to be the do-er at these events. I get to interact with people who love the same things I do, get to have intelligent conversations I hardly get to have about silly things like the color of my favorite characters underpants.  And I get to do commissions,  dear lord, I love those so much. I would do them for free if I didn’t have to pay for the stupid button maker I just purchased for too much money to make schwag for something I absolutely love to do on the side.

Thank you to all the other artists out there, all the fans and all the people who have supported me to keep my going. It really fuels my flame to have these interactions with the people I consider “my people”.  I love you!