A Creative Problem Solver

Hello! My name is Tricia Diaz, and I am a creative problem solver. I could get into some gritty details on why color makes me tingly and typefaces leave me swooning, but let’s just leave it at this:

I design & develop webpages for a living, and I love it. Oh yeah, I also do print and package design.

Do you have a problem that needs solving? Do tell, I would love to help. Contact us here!

What is spicy-wasabi, and what does it have to do with a Blackbird? Once upon a time (about 16 years ago and counting), Tricia wanted a little niche of her own on the wide world of the internet. She sat and pondered just what to name that niche. She wanted something fun and brash that reflected her spirit – and after many hours at looking up wacky words online she settled on spicy (because those of you who know Tricia intimately know she is a firecracker) and wasabi (because Tricia is a huge lover of Japanese culture). And there we have it, the birth of a slice of the internet pie. Since then it has come to be the clearing house of all of the various activities Tricia pursues through her day (and there are a lot). All sorts of fun stuff happens here – news and thoughts about design, marketing and strategy, portfolio snippets from her previous incarnations and fun little drawings and DIY projects to keep you entertained. You can check out my personal resume here.

Blackbird & Co – specializing in CMS Management and Web & App Design Services, Blackbird & Co is a great go-to solution for creative problems that might crop up and ruin your otherwise jam-packed day. With 16 and counting years of experience in the design industry for both print, branding and web work, Blackbird & Co can design you a site, develop it to current standards and provide ongoing web and marketing support, all with a smile. Need some brochures, logo and business cards? Large format signs? A package for your product? Also a snap – we aim to please.